390th Bomb Group


The 13th Combat
Bombardment Wing (H)

The 13th Combat Bombardment Wing was part of the Mighty Eight Air Force's friendly invasion of East Anglia during World War Two. From Horham, Parham and Thorpe Abbotts, its B-17 Flying Fortresses thundered across the skies of Suffolk and Norfolk as they took the fight to Hitler's Germany.

Men from these airfields were the first US airmen to bomb the supposedly impregnable fortress that was Berlin during daytime.

The trio of museums commemorating and celebrating the 95th, 100th and 390th Bomb Group, which made up the 13th Combat Bombardment Wing, tell stories of heroics and heartache. They paid a bloody price but the ties forged in the tiny country villages survive to this day.

The museums, run and maintained by volunteers, tell these airmen's stories and you can visit them for free.



The Red Feather Club


Horham, nr Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5DG

01728 860930


email: enquiries@95thbg-horham.com


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100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum

Common Road, Dickleburgh, Norfolk,   
IP21 4PH

01379 740708


email: 100gbmm@tiscali.co.uk



Registered Charity No 1285169

Parham Airfield Museum

Parham, nr Framlingham, Suffolk,
IP13 9AF

01728 621373


email: parhamairfield@yahoo.co.uk


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