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Visitors 2013

On 23 October 60 children & their teachers from Rushmere Hall School, Ipswich, visited the Museum. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves & presented the Museum with a donation at the end of their visit.


Jim, Michelle & Finnegan Holt from the USA. Jim is the son of William J Holt.


Aron & Donna Parker from the USA. Aron is the grandson of the late Verial Whaples who was shot down on his first mission and became a POW.


Derry Edge with Elizabeth Wardrop & Melinda Rankin, the daughters of George J Rankin who were from the USA.


On Saturday 21 September, the museum hosted a visit from David Gipson & 31 members of the Burham on Crouch University of the Third Age. They were welcomed by our President, Peter Kindred after which Tim Brett gave a history of the 390th bomb Group followed by the story of the BRO which was given by Chris Pratt. The group enjoyed their time at the museum and many said that they would be returning for a longer visit.


On 18 August the museum hosted Robert & Pat Brown from the United States. Robert's father Major Brown was the pilot of the 571st Squadron B17G "Cabin in the Sky". After looking around the museum George Brown gave them a guided tour of the BRO and then Jason & Bernard showed them the various sites on the airfield.

On behalf of the airfield, Tim Brett presented Robert with a print which featured his father's aircraft.


On 14 August a party of 28 from the Felixtowe Over Sixties Club visited the museum.


On 4 August 2013 a party of 28 visitors who were with Holt's Battlefield Tours came to the museum, they were welcomed by Peter Kindred after which George Brown gave a history of the British Resistance Organisation and this was followed by a history of the 390th Bomb Group presented by Tim Brett.


The Harris Family (all 15 of them) outside the tower

The Harris grandchildren on the roof of the tower, they are wearing their Grandfather's checked shirts as a tribute to him

Peter Kindred receiving a painting of Captain Harris and a very generous donation from his son who presented these on behalf of the family.


The Harris family on the Roof

An emotional moment for the family as they read a mision report written by Captain Albert Harris.

The Harris family listening to Peter Kindred explaining the layout of the airfield.



This is Anne Convery from Los Angeles, California, whose father was a Radio Operator/Gunner on a B17 from the 834th Bomb Squadron, 486th Bomb Group who flew from Sudbury. Anne told staff that she wanted to recapture the atmosphere of a wartime bomber airfield and to get a sense of what life on one of these airfields in wartime was like. After a tour of the Museum she told staff that she was pleased and impressed that the Museum had preserved so much material from that era.


On 9 July 2013, 30 members of the Stowmarket Probus Club paid a visit to the Museum, they had previously had a talk from Chris Pratt on the history of the BRO. They had an excellent time and gave a generous donation to the museum.


Museum staff member Gerry Green celebrated his birthday whilst on duty at the Museum, the cake was made by Kath Kindred.


On 23 June 2013 the Museum hosted a visit from William Weiss whose father Cornelius F Weiss was a co-pilot in the 390th bomb Group, William seen here with the Museum staff gave a generous donation to the Museum.


The staff, students & veterans from the College of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA who visited Parham on 19 May 2013.

A Member of the College staff presenting a plaque commemorating the visit to Peter Kindred, they also kindly gave a donation of £100 to the museum.


The BRO re-enactors preparing for their display on 19 May 2013.

The Jeep & Dodge trucks which were on display for the visitors on 19 May 2013.



This is Bill Ryan who had a long career in the US Army and took part in the Second World War, Korea & Vietnam, ending his career with the rank of Sgt Major. Bill Ryan visited Parham on 19 May 2013.


Don Elwood who visited us on 19 May 2013 served 37 years in the US Merchant Marine. He served on the Liberty ship SS James Whitcomb Reilly at the age of sixteen, sailing on the Atlantic convoys bringing supplies to England. he later served in the Pacific and in the United States reseve Navy on a mine sweeper.


Pop Gilbert who visited on 19 May 2013 was a Waist Gunner and a Tail Gunner with the 549th squadron of the 385th Bomb Group at Great Ashfield Airfield. He flew 26 missions and took part in the Schweinfurt mission.


This is Dale Deaver who was a Bombardier/Gunner with the 303rd Bomb Group "Hells Angels" who flew from Molesworth Airfield, he was shot down on his 7th mission. Dale visited Parham on 19 May 2013.


Three aircraft from Wickenby Airfield in Lincolnshire flew in for a visit to the museum on 6 May 2013, these are left to right, Anne Law, Alan Mitchell, Stewart Smith, Lee Brocklebank, Rachel Clarke & Colin Law. Anne is the Curator of the RAF Wickenby Memorial Museum & she also looks after this website.


This is John Appleton who visited on 5th May 2013. John told the staff that as a nine year old boy he used to help the workmen who were constructing Parham Airfield by filling sand bags for them. He also remembers standing in the garden of his Grandparents house and waving to the 390th bombers as they passed over coming in to land and recalled that some of the crews used to throw candy bars & packets of chewing gum for him as they passed over.


This is 91 year old John Thurgood who visited the BRO museum on Sunday 5 May 2013 accompanied by members of his family. John was a member of the terling Auxiliary Unit in Essex and he enjoyed seeing the museum. He recalled using some of the devices on display and was particularly pleased that the museum staff were able to show him his record fo service from their archives and that his photograph was on display in the museum.


Neil Kohlman signing Parham's veteran's signature wall in the Percy Kindred Library, watched by Mick Tipple, Chairman of Parham Airfield Museum. Neil was accompanied by Merle D Eastman who was a Master Sargeant, serving in the USAF and is the son of the co-pilot of Neil's crew, Harold Eastman Jnr who sadly died in 2008. Merle was named after Merl Dudley Orcutt, another crew member in Lady Stardust II.


Ninety-four year old veteran Neil Kohlman visited Parham on 21 April 2013. Neil was a bombardier in a B17 called Lady Stardust II from the 728th Squadron of the 452nd Bomb Group flying from Deopham Green. He completed 32 missions and survived a hazardous flight back from Brux in Czechoslovakia in May 1944 after his aircraft suffered severe damage to the nose whilst on the run in to the target. They made the return flight to England at a height of between 250 & 500 feet before finally ending up ditching in the Thames Estuary from where they were all rescued apart from the engineer/top turret gunner who went down with the ship.




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