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Johnny's Special Trip to the UK to Honour WWII Vets

11 December 2017

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We would love to share with you a fascinating story of how a WW2 enthusiast from America visited a remarkable number of USAAF airbases, including Parham, this summer. 

After 1 and a half year's of planning Johnny Bryant made the trip of a lifetime with his aim, to visit as many WW2 Airfields, Museums and memorials as he could in just 15 days.

Johnny contacted us after his mammoth trip to say how much he enjoyed his whirlwind tour of Station 153 at Parham, and complimented us by saying of all the museums he visited, ours was one of his 2 joint favourites. Johnny remarked: 

My name is Johnny Bryant and I am from Coeur d Alene, Idaho in the United States.  I was able to come over and visit your fabulous museum on August 13th this last summer.  I came over for the 75th Anniversary of the 8th AF Flying out of England.  I went to 66 Airfields and 34 museums in 15 days.  I went to 62 of the 66 8th AF Airfields, and the RAF Airfields at Manston, Hawkinge, Biggin Hill and Northweald from WWII. 

I absolutely love your museum and all the 27 others that you and the people of England have created for these 8th Air Force veterans.  This trip took 1 1/2 years of my life to plan and over 250 hours.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.  My first Sunday I had 13 Airfields to do in one day.  I went to Alconbury, Glatton. Kingscliffe, Polebrook, Deenethorpe, Grafton Underwood, Harrington, Thurleigh, Poddington, Chelveston,  Kimbolton, Molesworth and Fowlmere all in one day.  Got to Alconbury at 5:30 in the morning and finished at Fowlmere at 6 PM in the evening.
During this trip I made sure I allotted 4 hours for Thorpe, Framlingham, and Seething.  It was so good to come back after 14 years.  All of 3 were so much better than the 1st time.I  got 9 hours of video and took almost 3,000 photos!
When I was stationed in Holland I went to 51 WWII Museums, Cemeteries and Memorials.  I had been to 33 in the U.S and added 60 more new sights on this trip for 144 total.  When I was in Holland
I flew over and did 12 of your Airfields and went to Cambridge.  I went back to all 12 again and everyone was better than before.
Your people at Framlingham were so nice and courteous. I absolutely love that place. When I retire I would love to start making my home away from home over there because I love those airfields so much". 
Johnny's local newspaper The Coeur d Alene Press did a big article on his trip which you can read below


Thank you for making this amazing trip Johnny and for letting us share your story.