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Tracing WWII Relatives - Talk at Bawdsey Radar Museum

9 September 2021

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Many families have stories or perhaps some old black-and-white photographs passed on from their relatives who were in the armed forces during World War 2. But how do you go about finding out more details after so many years have passed? 

This fascinating talk is given by Dr Phil Judkins the renowned radar historian and lecturer at Universities of Leeds and Buckingham.  Come along to Bawdsey Radar Museum and discover how you can trace your family history from the wartime records and find out how to use the very many archives and sources of information that are available. 

This talk is on September 29th September and can be booked at www.bawdseyradar.org.uk

Other talks are also available at Bawdsey Radar throughout September, see web site for details.