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Parham Airfield Museum is situated on an old World War II United States Air Force Station. The Museum actually consists of 2 separate Museums, which join together to show how this corner of rural Suffolk was affected by the War in two very different ways.

The 390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum pays tribute to the 740 servicemen killed or 'Missing in Action' from this airfield and the further 754 who were taken as Prisoners of War.

The Museum of the British Resistance Organisation provides an insight into 'Britain's Secret Army', with contemporary artefacts housed in the Nissen Huts and a unique replica secret underground bunker. The Museum aims to shed light on "Britain's best kept war secret".

The two Museums are operated under one Management Committee. Parham Airfield Museum's continued existence relies on volunteer support & donations to help with the necessary maintenance to ensure continued preservation of the buildings and its contents.

We are an incorporated charity (number 1201587). 

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